Kid Aviator FREE version!

Hello everybody!

Kid Aviator’s critics are being great and useful, and as you could see with the last game update, we are improving the game thanks to these feedbacks!

However, the downloads numbers are low, very low.
That’s probably because the paid model we chose for our game is outdated and not really challenging for the actual stores and marketing models.

That’s why, to reach more players, we created Kid Aviator FREE!
Get Kid Aviator FREE now, from the App Store or Google Play!


In the Kid Aviator FREE version you will enjoy all the features of the game (so it’s not like a Lite version) but with ads and banners.

If you like Kid Aviator, and want to play it without any ad or banner, you can always get the original Kid Aviator 🙂
Consider it as a donation for our work and an help to promote our future projects!

Also, don’t forget to rate the game and give us an useful feedback!
Many thanks!


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