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A Day In The Life and js13kGames 2017

Ah! This year I was so close to not participating in my beloved js13kgames competition! But I like it so much, so, in the end, I made some extra effort working during the night, and I finally found some time to! For those who don’t know, the js13kGames is a Javascript coding competition with the […]

Alpaca Jump is Free App of The Day on myAppFree!

Yeah! Alpaca Jump continues to shine! This time, our crazy Alpaca is going to be featured as “free app of the day” within myAppFree! For the next 24 hours, new Alpaca Jump users will be able to unlock the full version of the game, without annoying ads, forever, for free. HOW TO UNLOCK THE GAME: […]

Alpaca Jump is Free App of The Day on Appgratis!

Yoooooo! Last year, Alpaca Jump promotion on AppGratis has been a great success! Many players got to play and love Alpaca Jump after trying it for FREE! So,  I’m reaaally happy to announce that, for today, once again, Alpaca Jump is going to be featured as “free app of the day” within AppGratis! For the […]

Alpaca Jump – releasing today, on Google Play! For FREE!

Hello there, much time has passed since the last blog post, but we did not stop in making games, we did not stop at all 🙂 We studied and learned very much from Kid Aviator “adventure” , and we spent also much time monitoring game stores trends and promotion possibilities for our future games. We […]

Kid Aviator FREE version!

Hello everybody! Kid Aviator’s critics are being great and useful, and as you could see with the last game update, we are improving the game thanks to these feedbacks! However, the downloads numbers are low, very low. That’s probably because the paid model we chose for our game is outdated and not really challenging for […]

Launching today on iTunes and Google Play!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages: Today we proudly announce the release of the original endless flyer—Kid Aviator! From today on, Kid Aviator will be available on iTunes and Google Play—on iPhone, iPad, iPod and all Android smartphones and tablets! Get Kid Aviator now, from the App Store or Google Play!       […]

Kid Aviator Open Beta starts today!

Hi, there! After more than a year of work, my new game Kid Aviator is feature complete and ready to be tested by real players! During this year, Claudia (as visual artist) and I did our best to create the prettiest and most charming game we could! We worked hard and we tired ourselves to the […]