Alpaca Jump – releasing today, on Google Play! For FREE!

Hello there,
much time has passed since the last blog post, but we did not stop in making games, we did not stop at all 🙂

We studied and learned very much from Kid Aviator “adventure” , and we spent also much time monitoring game stores trends and promotion possibilities for our future games.

We also took some time to test some game engines, to choose the best for our needs and compare their features regarding Mobile and Html5 games.

Well, maybe I’ll blog some comparation chart (or summary) of the scouting with did about a couple of these game engines, but for now I’ll just say that we choose, and buyed the relative licenses of, Game Maker Studio mainly for our mobile games and Construct 2 primarily for our Html5 games, even if both are made to be multiplaform game frameworks.
Both have a solid free version to fully evaluate the product, and both are great for making gameplay sketches and game demos.

Alright, so, while our Construct 2 Html5 game is still under development, our mobile game made with Game Maker Studio is 100% ready, and this brings us to the main topic of this post:

Alpaca Jump releasing today on Google Play!

Yup! We proudly present to you today, our new amazing game: Alpaca Jump!


Alpaca Jump is crazy and unique physics jumping game, featuring a silly blue alpaca!
It is really a crazy game, believe me!
While it’s pretty simple to understand it’s quite challenging to master, because you’ll have to master some awesome tecniques and skills in order to control the blue alpaca physics ragdoll!

This time, we focused in creating the simplest game we could, with all the trendy graphics and multiplayer features required by a modern game, like score sharing on Twitter and Facebook and implementing the new Google Play Multiplayer system.

During Alpaca Jump ‘s development, Claudia was really busy with her studies, so all the character and game designs and 2d arts are mainly made by me!
However if it weren’t for Claudia, who helped me (by scolding me most of the times :D) in refining shapes and colors, tha game wouldn’t have been the same look and feel!

Well, Alpaca Jump is 100% FREE!
So, don’t hesitate!
Play it right now and discover all its awesome crazy features!

Download Alpaca Jump now from Google Play!


At the moment, Alpaca Jump is just for Android users, but we are considering an iOS release, too.

Thanks for reading!

As ever, we are looking forward for your great and honest feedback, which will help us improve in making games by sharpening and strengthening our skills!

Have fun!


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