[Tutorial] How to import a custom webfont in Phaser and use fontSquirrel

Jump to the part you need: Loading fonts from remote urls Phaser Example Improving Phaser Example Loading fonts from local urls Using the improved Phaser Example Loading webfonts when offline Using CSS Using Phaser States Additional Information Non-English Languages How to use fontSquirrel BitMap fonts Final notes Many times I’ve struggled on how to implement […]

Goodbye AppGratis and Unlock by Batch!

AppGratis Let’s spend a moment to say goodbye to our beloved AppGratis and Batch.com unlocking campaigns! Yes, sadly, these two services, which during the past years have been very helpful to us Android indie devs, are now shut down for good. On February 15th, 2017, AppGratis, after 7 years of hard work shut down their service. […]

Glitchicken and js13kGames 2016!

Hello! Soooo, even this year, tightened my schedules, I’ve found some time to participate to the js13kGames competition! js13kGames is just awesome! 😀 It is a Javascript coding competition with the main rule of keeping the final game package under 13.321 bytes! Also, all the entries have also to release their full commented source code on […]

Game Maker Studio Tutorial – How to fix lint errors while building for Android

Hello there! During these days a lot of fellow developers are asking me some hints for fixing their lint errors while exporting for Android using Game Maker Studio. Sincerely I’ve had the same problem and around the web there are just a few clues about this issue, so I decided to write this simple tutorial, hoping […]

Game Maker Studio Android Native extension – Deep Link

Hello there! Deep Linking is quite an important feature we may want to have in our applications. It allows users to open our application, or sub-menu of our application just by an external link or button from another Application. This may come handy when working with App Promotion or Incentivized installation services which will require […]

Game Maker Studio Android Native extension – Input Text

Hi there! Often we need the user to input some text for getting a nickname, age, friend number, any ID, or maybe a promotional code for unlocking some rewards. Well, in these cases we can choose to create a soft keyboard by ourselves, which is a long and tedious process or to show the Android […]

[Tutorial] Creating a simple Game Maker Studio native Android extension for implementing Batch unlocking system

Hello there! I’m creating this tutorial because in the last days I needed to implement the Batch automatic unlocking system (see https://batch.com/) into my last Android game made with Game Maker: Alpaca Jump, available on Google Play for free, here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mattiafortunati.alpacajump.free If you don’t know it, Batch is a great tool for scheduling and managing […]