We’ve changed our name to “M42 Studio”!

Hello everybody!

While new Kid Aviator updates are coming very soon, we have this cool announcement to make: we change our name, from “Mattia Fortunati Games” to “M42 Studio”.

And here’s our revamped logo:


We felt the need of a new name, because our games are no longer made by just one person, but by many people’s ideas and efforts.

So, “M42” comes from my own name, which can be pronounced as “Mattia four-two-nati”, and also it’s a clear reference to “the answer to life the universe and everything” 🙂
And “Studio” indicates our constant studies and hard work to improve in making games!

Our team, at the moment, is made by me (Mattia Fortunati), busy with game design and programming, and Claudia Perugini, in charge of the visual arts.
However, as for Kid Aviator, if needed, we can count in the professional help of some very capable persons, from PRs to musicians, for hiring, counseling or just for some useful tips.

I’m looking forward to see how our adventure will evolve 🙂

Thanks for reading and supporting us from “M42 Studio”!
Stay tuned!

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