Thank you, Beta Testers! – Kid Aviator Beta is Complete

Hello, Everybody!

I would like to thank the group of volunteers who have kindly participated in the Kid Aviator Beta Test.


We searched for casual players in many indie game communities and social networks. After just a few days, we received many responses—and a group of testers began to play the game.

You have been the first “real players” to give us “real feedback”! 😀

We also had the opportunity to test Kid Aviator‘s performances on a wide range of Android and iOS devices—from the iPod and Galaxy Nexus to the iPad and the most recent Android tablets . . . thanks to our testers’ variety of devices.


So, dear testers, thank you!

I’m glad you enjoyed the game and that you were able to provide constructive feedback about many aspects—from graphics to gameplay to sound. ^^ We’re sure to learn a lot about game development from the things you liked and did not like during the testing process.

For a small indie game like ours, your participation has been very important—and your feedback will be kept under consideration for the game’s release and future updates.


I’m officially closing the Kid Aviator Beta Test today!

Now it’s time for me to collect, archive, and analyze feedback and tester data—and “fly” toward the Kid Aviator release 😀

Thank you for reading—and thanks again to all the testers for their help!

Stay tuned. News about the release will be coming soon!


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