Tap Tap Golf on Facebook Messenger – Phaser game ported to Facebook Instant Games

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post, I’m sorry, but I’m reaaaaally busy with many B2B projects!

By the way from time to time, you know that I like to explore new possibilities and techs, so here we are, announcing that we officially launched “Tap Tap Golf” on Facebook Messenger, as Facebook Instant Game.

Since it seems that Facebook is putting a lot of efforts into Instant Games, I decided to give it a try!
It has been a wonderful occasion to test if Phaser (2.0) games can be ported to FIG and if it’s actually worth it.

So I took my dear old Tap Tap Golf, and, first of all, I’ve enhanced it with some new graphics effects and build process, as well as some bug fixes and overall polishing and optimizations regarding size and performances.
With quite a satisfying result, I must say 😀

Then I went for the Facebook Instant Games SDK.
Implementing it has been quite straightforward, thanks to the official guides which are surprisingly easy to follow!
The hardest part, maybe, has been testing the actual environment with a local openSSL server and the online SDK wrapper.
But really nothing special if you are used to the html5 world 😀

I’m happy to say that the SDK also made possible, with just a few steps, to improve the game further with a global online leaderboard.
I’m really looking forward to see how much the players will score in Tap Tap Golf!

The one week beta soft launch in Australia, Canada and Hong Kong, made when the Facebook Developer Program was still in beta, went really, really well, with more than 10k users playing in just the first couple of days!

During this test launch we worked hard, fixing and adjusting the game and make it ready for the global launch, happening today!
So many, many thanks to all the players playing the early version!
It has been a great success!

So, if you are a game developer and you need any suggestion for porting your own games on Facebook Messenger, just drop me a line or comment below, and I will be happy to help!

Otherwise, if you are a player … well, just

click here to play Tap Tap Golf

on Facebook Messenger, and try to beat my score!
You know, it’s pretty cool to play a game directly within the messenger app!


Well thank you for reading, and have fun playing the new Tap Tap Golf!




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