Two colors, two villages and hundreds of tails to be taken down. Command your troups to victory in this 3d strategy war game.

Here’s a quite hard 3d strategy and action battle game in which you have to command your troops towards the victory against the “red village”.The only way do defeat your enemies is to “get their tail”. Various commands can be given to your fellows: attack, charge,defend the base, retreat, go there, follow me. To face hardest situations you can always swap between your troopers. Also, enemies and allies will continue to spawn until their bases won’t be destroyed.

Tailka is written using DirectX 7.0.

On Apr 17 2008, Tailka has been rated 5/6 by GameMaker community on yoyogames.com and it has been the most popular game of the week.

Download Tailka for windows.

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