RGB: Reverse Ground Battle

Fast paced survival space shooter made for the 2015 edition of js13kGames competition

RGB: Reverse Ground Battle is a fast paced survival space shooter in which enemies have the same color of the background. Reverse the background color to reveal hidden enemies, and avoid their bullets.

The game is 100% free to play and open source.

Play RGB: Reverse Ground Battle right now!
Play RGB: Reverse Ground Battle on js13kgames website
Check the source code  fully commented on GitHub

Desktop: arrow keys to move, spacebar to reverse background color. M to toggle mute.
Mobile: tilt device to move, tap to reverse background color.

Desktop: Chrome, Firefox, Opera
Mobile: Firefox (recommended), Chrome, Opera
On Chrome Mobile, if you have audio issues, please enable the media autoplay option by going to: chrome://flags/#disable-gesture-requirement-for-media-playback

Developed with the aim of learning, experimenting and having fun with fellow developers 🙂
Developed for the 2015 edition of js13kGames competition.
The main rule of the competition is that the final game package file size limit is 13,312 bytes.
The theme for the 2015 edition is “Reversed”.
Click here to learn more about the Js13kGames competition!

Developed using jAllegro http://jallegro.sos.gd/
For dinamically creating sounds I used jsfxr library https://github.com/mneubrand/jsfxr
As minifying tool I used http://javascript-minifier.com/ through Curl command. See build.sh for more information.
The code is fully commented, check it out for more information.

Code and game released under the MIT license.
See LICENSE file on GitHub for more information.

Js13kGames Desktop rank: 40/160
Js13kGames Mobile rank: 16/50

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