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Plugins, Frameworks and Tutorials. Extensions and any kind of Developer tools made by me.


RapaNui [FREE][Open Source][Obsolete/No Longer Supported] Lua based high level cross-platform open source game framework for Moai SDK. Born for porting Corona SDK games to Moai SDK, became a full-optional game framework, great for developing complete games from scratch, featuring and supporting above all Box2d physics, Atlases, Automatic image handling and caching, Tiled tilesets, Texture Packer and Physics Editor, group handling, layers, listeners, buttons, lists, maps, transitions and timers. Started by Steafano Linguerri with main functionalities and basic architecture, I joined for the Box2d implementation at first and  then I became the main committee and lately the only developer of RapaNui, revolutionizing the whole framework architecture itself and implementing most of the features above while also supporting the community.  No longer in development, no longer supported. Highly recommended for learning Lua language.


Game Maker Studio Extensions:

closeGameAndroidEx [FREE] Simple Extension for handling an Android native “close the game popup” with “Yes” and “No” buttons.

batchSimpleFeatureEx [FREE][Open Source] [ Unlock service is shut down. Part of this extension won’t work anymore] Simple Extension for handling the Batch SDK, featuring a simple popup searching for offers created within the Batch dashboard. Android Native extension. Tutorial and Source code available here. A real successful product, used by lots of developers willing to implement Batch SDK functionalities for the AppGratis promotion. Useful for the AppGratis and Batch SDK team, too.

logToConsoleEx [FREE] Simple Extension for handling Android native console logs from Game Maker Studio code.

InputTextEx [FREE] Extension for handling the Android Native input through Game Maker. Use it for retrieving Name, Age, Promo Code or anything else from the user.

DeepLinkEx [FREE] This makes possible the implementation of the Android Deep Link feature within a Game Maker application or game. Required by many promoting services!

AppsFlyerEx [FREE] Amateur, non-official implementatio of the mandatory requirements for the AppsFlyer promoting service. This, together with the DeepLinkEx will, for example, enable your game for the AppsFlyer’s OneLink solution!



Creating a simple Game Maker Studio, Android native, extension. [Open Source] Fully commented step by step tutorial on how to create a simple Android Native Extension for Game Maker Studio, taking batchSimpleFeatureEx as example. From Java coding to Game Maker Studio scripting and extension setups.

Game Maker Studio Tutorial – How to fix lint errors while building for Android. Simple tutorial about how understand, investigate and fix any lint errors while building your Android application using Game Maker Studio.

Import Custom Webfonts in Phaser and use fontSquirrel. [Open Source] Different examples and solutions that I used over the years to import custom webfonts in Phaser. Each solution comes with an open-source example usable as template or code base.


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