Pinball Man

A pretty unique ragdoll flipper. Play with a man instead of a ball!

“Overall though, Pinball Man is just a fun pinball game where you can enjoy beating up on your hero all you want.”

With Pinball Man, you will achieve your dream to play a flipper with a man instead of a ball. Hit the man with flippers, which are crocodiles and giraffes , make him bleed on rotating shurikens and set him on fire with torches. Follow in-game quests to get multipliers, improve your score and beat records.

Pinball Man has collected many good reviews on the web. Here’s a couple of them: English game review at or Italian game review at

It’s my first Android game. All written in Java, it uses box2d for physics simulation. Support my games: buy  Pinball Man. It’s cheaper than a coffee. ;D


Get Pinball Man for Android


Get Pinball Man Lite Version (with boring ads and popups) for Android

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