Magma Dash

Fight your friends into the magma pit!

Challenging & Frenzy, Action Gameplay:

Make the other players fall into the magma, at all costs!
Jump from platform to platform, avoid flames and use awesome power ups!
Throw, stop and hinder your friends!
Make them invisible, trick them with traps and much more!

Simple, Intuitive controls:
Tilt your device to move, and tap to use power ups!

Magma Dash is local multiplayer action party game featuring the new next-gen AirConsole technology!
With AirConsole technology, your Computer or Smart TV screen becomes the game screen and your and your friends smartphones become the controllers!
And there’s no need for any installation anywhere, you can just use your browser even on your mobile device!
Simply go to both on your Computer or Smart TV and Smartphone, insert the given code and start the battle!

Magma Dash has been developed with great effort, for the AirConsole Contest 2016.
It has been made in just 5 days, because I’ve unluckily discovered the competition too late, at just 7 days from the submission deadline.
However, I’m really, proud and satisfied of my Magma Dash!

Special thanks go to Claudia for the help she gave me on graphic design and testing!

Grab your friends and play an awesome next-gen multiplayer party game, right now!

Direct Play Link:!play=com.mattiafortunati.magmadash

Landing Page on AirConsole:

Magma Dash is also available on your Android TV thanks to the AirConsole Android App!
Get it here:

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