Black and white pixel retro adventure puzzle game, made for the 2016 edition of js13kGames competition!

GLITCHICKEN is a black and white pixel retro adventure puzzle game, featuring dogs and chicks.
GLITCHICKEN is the final answer to the question: “Why did the chick cross the wall?”

The game is 100% free to play and open source.

* Play GLITCHICKEN right now!
* Play GLITCHICKEN on js13kgames website
* Check the source code fully commented on GitHub

How to play
-Desktop: arrow keys to move and M to mute music
-Mobile: tap the screen to move

Developed with the aim of learning, experimenting and having fun with fellow developers.
Developed for the 2016 edition of js13kGames competition.
The main rule of the competition is to keep the final game package under 13,312 bytes.
The theme for the 2016 edition is “Glitch”.
Click here to learn more about the Js13kGames competition!

Technical information
Libs used:
-Ga (adapted, modded and shrunk as needed)
-TinyMusic (as is)
-Pixel Font (adapted)
Code and game released under the MIT license.
See LICENSE file on GitHub for more information.

Results in js13kGames 2016:
24th of 127 on Desktop catergory, 10th of 33 on Mobile category (won prize!) and 13th of 127 on Community vote catergory (won prize!)!

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