Feed My Bunny

A classic, challenging, remove-the-block physics puzzle game.

Feed my Bunny is a classic, challenging, remove-the-block physics puzzle game.
Click the blocks to remove them and help the bunny reach the carrot!
Feed My Bunny features the cute graphics art of Claudia Perugini in a child proof environment with a simple interface and intuitive one-tap game controls.

-Intuitive controls, one tap game.
-Simple interface, child proof.
-Cute graphics.
-Box2d physics simulation.
-30 levels with increasing difficulty, challenging different skills: from balancing to strategy puzzles.
-3 kinds of blocks: Blue Immovables, Yellow Moveables and Green Bouncy.
-Star rating system: less time and less clicks to get 3 stars. Don’t waste time and clicks! Try to get 3 stars in each level!
-Crossplatform and mobile compatibility: play Feed my Bunny from your mobile browser on iOS, Android and Windows Phone!

Click here to PLAY Feed My Bunny!



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