Buddy Runaway

Buddy is on the run! Help him escape his grumpy chaser in three different challenging mini games!

A grumpy monster is chasing Buddy!
Help him on his escape through different, challenging, mini games!

Buddy Runaway is a funny mixup of different gameplay mechanics, from block stacking, to jumping and flying.
Each level requires focus and skill, and the gameplay will get faster and harder the more you go on.

Check Buddy Runaway on Twitch by searching for “Buddy Runaway” in the extension discovery page, or
Play Buddy Runaway html5 standalone DEMO,

How to play
Buddy Runaway is a one-tap game!
Tap or click to jump, double jump and change direction when needed.

Project Info
Released the first days of October 2018, Buddy Runaway it’s one of the first games out on Twitch.tv available as a Panel Extension and featuring the use of Bits and mobile compatibility.

If youw want to know more, don’t hesitate to drop me an email!

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