Alpaca Jump

A crazy and unusual physics jumping game, featuring a silly blue Alpaca!

Alpaca Jump is a foolish, glitchy and unusual jumping game, featuring a silly blue Alpaca!
Jump, bounce and fart around! Control a funny and unpredictable Alpaca ragdoll, and show some stupid, awesome moves!
Change your appearance, becoming more and more fabulous, and challenge your friends online!
Shine as an Alpaca never did before!

-Intuitive one touch controls! Easy to understand, challenging to master!
-Crazy glitches! Get ready to make some awesome stunts!
-Farts! Fart with different powers and intensities!
-Varied and unusual gameplay! Thanks to Box2d physics simulation!
-Incredible tricks! The Alpaca ragdoll is crazy and unpredictable!
-Accessories! Become wonderful wearing trendy gears!
-Modern graphics! The future is now!
-Free, Free FREE! What are you waiting for? Install and play Alpaca Jump, right now!

-Online Leadearboard! Challenge your friends, through Google Play Game Services!
-Share scores directly on Facebook and Twitter, it’s time to show off, dude!

Do you like fooooolish alpacas? Do you like CRAAAZY gameplays?
You’ll LOVE Alpaca Jump!

Download Alpaca Jump now, for FREE, on Google Play!

Have Fun!

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