Merry Christmas and happy new games!

That’s it! 2012 is over and 2013 is coming , and that’s just the proof the future is here! A future full of spaceships and every kind of sci-fi things I hope, and full of games, obviously!

Oh, yes! In “last post of the year” it’s good to have some kind of summary… well … let’s see:

This year, I’ve published one game, Pinball Man for Android,  and even if some comments in the store are not so good (guys, I cannot test the game on 1300 different Android devices! I know that on some of these, the game is not working!), the game is going pretty well, with a constant number of downloads per day. I really couldn’t expect more from a so naive indie game ^^. Great job, Pinball Man!

I’m also really happy I’ve recently remade my website, I like the new appearance, and I’m glad it’s getting so many views every day 😀

2012 has been a good year for RapaNui, the open source game framework I’m developing with YMobe LTD, too. The framework is strengthening and the community is growing up well. (You can learn everything about RapaNui in the github project page).

New games news: I’m highly busy with my daily  job at Ringmaster/Lottomatica (for an important game), but I’m still working hard on my new indie game, about which, at the moment, I cannot say more than it will be with good graphics, pretty studied and available both for Android and iOS smartphone devices.

It has been a great 2012 and, as ever, lots of thanks go to all my friend and my family, for supporting my passion about games, and to all the people out there for downloading and playing my games, and visiting my website, everyday. Thanks! ;D

Happy holidays and happy new year to everyone!



  • thanks to you and your folie! have a tremendous 2013!!

    marinaDecember 23, 2012

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