Launching today on iTunes and Google Play!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages: Today we proudly announce the release of the original endless flyer—Kid Aviator!

From today on, Kid Aviator will be available on iTunes and Google Play—on iPhone, iPad, iPod and all Android smartphones and tablets!

Get Kid Aviator now, from the App Store or Google Play!


Or check out the release trailer:

Finally, today is the day! After two years of hard work, learning and creating together, Kid Aviator is ready for its real audience: you, the players!

We did our best to create an enjoyable game suitable for your short breaks—keeping it relaxing . . . yet challenging.

As indie developers, we learned a lot about game programming, design and graphics; we have had good times and bad times, irresolvable problems, and smart workarounds. But in the end, we are very happy and satisfied with the result of our hard work—and it’s definitely worth it!

We heartily hope you’ll enjoy Kid Aviator. And look at Kid; he’s happy, too!


I want to give special thanks to the Beta Testing team, the first real gamers playing the game; to Novy PR, who have always been professional and kind; and to our families and friends . . . who have always lended their support and stood by usduring our ups and downs. Thank you all!

One last important thing: Help us keep the indie gaming world alive! Support indie gaming by trying out the game and leaving us some honest feedback. If you like Kid Aviator, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Help us improve, and support our future projects!

Stay tuned for some news, updates and new games!

Many, many thanks, from Mattia (game programmer) and Claudia (visual artist)


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