Kid Aviator Open Beta starts today!


Hi, there!

After more than a year of work, my new game Kid Aviator is feature complete and ready to be tested by real players!

During this year, Claudia (as visual artist) and I did our best to create the prettiest and most charming game we could!

We worked hard and we tired ourselves to the limit, but we are now really satisfied of our creation 😀


Now that the game name has been revealed, I can give you an overview on Kid Aviator: “Kid” is a little child who wants to become a famous Aviator through his “Kid Aviator Show.” He explores the sky, earns medals, and grows his fan base!

Your goal is to clear the way for Kid—getting rid of hazards and threatening objects along his path . . . while picking up powerful bonuses 😀

You can also control Kid by tilting your device!


At the moment, we are preparing everything for the Kid Aviator Official Release on the App Store and Google Play, working together with the nice and experienced guys we hired from They are simply great!


This means we are searching for a few testers for both iOS (iPod, iPhone, iPad) and Android platforms.

Why don’t you join the Beta, too?

For a simple overview, check the Open Beta Trailer here:

 If you are interested in testing the game out and providing us with some useful feedback, please send me a PM or email mattia(at)mattiafortunati(dot)com to receive an invitation.

More news soon!

Mattia 😀

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