Game preview: hand-made sketches.


Hello everyone!

I’m proud of showing you something about my new game (finally)!


Here are some hand-made sketches made by my girlfriend Claudia, who is  the official visual artist for this game. She is designing, realizing and supervising all graphics while also helping me with a couple of gameplay issues. 😀

Don’t hesitate clicking on the images to check these sketches and leave a feedback! What do you think of them? She is studying character designs pretty well and I’m quite happy of the results! Thanks to this, we are both learning so much every day about graphics and games in general, too!



Well … can you guess what kind of game it will be by just checking these sketches? Oh, I won’t tell you right now! I want it to be a surprise! I won’t tell you the genre, neither. But don’t worry, you’ll discover it by yourselves in the next months!

I can just tell you that, as ever, this will be an indie game. With indie development and indie graphics artists. And, as ever, and probably more than ever, we are putting our best efforts and passion to do our job, trying to create something good and satisfying.



Our final aim is to create a soft and peaceful game, made to be explored and finished step by step during your spare time or during your free time waiting or travelling at bus/metro/train. 😀

We are trying to not overdoing it by keeping it as simple as possible, and you can bet we are working hard on it!

So … stay tuned for upcoming news!


Thanks for reading!




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