Game Maker Studio Android Native extension – Log to Console

Hello there!

Logging some message for debugging purposes is always an important matter.
Game Maker Studio offers many ways to do so, as you can see here:
like for example, the classic:


However, for some strange reason, while developing Alpaca Jump, I needed to log my custom message directly into the Android Logcat, as Game Maker already does under the “yoyo” tag.

Check this:

I could not find any way to do so, and maybe I’m wrong about this, and I’ve just not searched well enough, however, in the end, I’ve created a simple extension with this goal.

It’s really easy because I just needed to execute such simple Java code:

Log.i(“yoyo”, str);

from within Game Maker Studio.

Well, I’ve just published this small extension for FREE into the Game Maker Marketplace, check it out here:

Let me know if you have any tips and/or questions.
And don’t forget to play Alpaca Jump!

I hope this extension can be of help!
Have fun!


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