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This blog entry is a litte guide on how to setup your application for basic AppsFlyer OneLink implementation, using my free Android native Game Maker extensions.

AppsFlyer is a mobile marketing analytics and attribution platform with cool services and great gaming solutions.
Their SDK offers many services from tracking to push notifications, and their OneLink solution for gaming is great for acquiring non-organic installs that soon will become organic within your well-designed game!
And you will only pay for actual non-organic installs!
AppsFlyer Website

The AppsFlyer OneLink solution for Gaming is based on deep linking.
If you don’t know what deep link is, or how to implement it on Game Maker, I’ve made a blogpost and an extension exactly for that!
Click here to know more about deep linking in Game Maker

But, for AppsFlyer to work within your game, there is also a mandatory SDK implementation, which requires your game to implement a broadcast receiver, and some tracking code.

For this purpose, I’ve made an extension which is totally FREE.

1. First of all, you’ll have to implement Google Play Services, so go to Global Game Settings > Android > Social and enable Google Play Services, being sure to insert your own correct AppID or it will cause a crash.

2. Also, be sure that from Global Game Settings > Android > Permissions these are selected: INTERNET,ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE and READ_PHONE_STATE.

3. Finally, remember that for the OneLink feature, you need to implement a deep link feature.I’ve made an extension and a tutorial for this, too. Click here to know more about deep linking in Game Maker

Now, import the extension from your Marketplace library into your game, and simply call:


at the very beginning of your game being sure that YOURAPPFLYERID is your correct AppsFlyer ID. You can get your AppsFlyer ID from your AppsFlyer dashboard.

At the beginning of your game, my extension will send ID and context to AppsFlyer servers, required for Tracking and OneLink services.

So, supposing you have the deep link function correctly setup for your app, too, you can now start creating some AppsFlyer campaign.
For more information about doing this, follow the tutorials on AppsFlyer website.
Remember that:
1. it requires Google Game Service enabled with a correct App ID
2. you need to enable these permission for your game: INTERNET,ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE and READ_PHONE_STATE
3. for the AppsFlyer OneLink feature, you need to implement a deep link feature. I’ve made an extension and a tutorial for this, too. Click here to know more about deep linking in Game Maker
4. the Non-organic (or organic) tracked installation is UNIQUE. So if you test on your device more than once, you’ll have to clear your device IDs from the AppsFlyer dashboard. Check their guides and support for this. (Warning: It’s not so easy to do ^^)
And … we are done!
Remember that I’m doing this totally for FREE! So to support me don’t forget to rate and review the extension on Game Maker Marketplace, or download my games from Google Play!

If you need help, support or anything else like for example the implementation of more of the AppsLink’s services don’t hesitate to contact me or reply to this blog entry.

That’s all, happy coding!


  • Hello sir how i can send Events like score ,levels

    MANJEET KUMARSeptember 30, 2018
    • Hi,
      thanks for using my extension!
      My AppsFlyer extension only features the basic initialization of AppsFlyer services, which you can use to setup a basic tracking analytics and the OneLink services.
      It does not support any other feature like events for score or levels.
      Note that this GM Extension is old and not supported anymore;
      by the way, feel free to dig into the extension’s Java code and make the changes you need to implement new features, or use it as a code base for a new extension.

      Mattia FortunatiOctober 2, 2018

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