Feed My Bunny is out today! NEW Html5 game for your desktop and mobile browser! Play it NOW for FREE!

Hello there!
After the great success of Alpaca Jump on Google Play, we decided to test our skills with something new: Html5 games!

As I’ve already written before, for our Html5 games and fast demos, the best engine around, at the moment, is, for sure, Construct 2.
It’s affordable, fast, well written and totally fits any development need!
So, finally, today, our first complete game made with Construct 2 is out …

Here it is: “Feed My Bunny”!


Feed My Bunny is a classic, challenging, remove-the-block physics puzzle game.
Click the blocks to remove them and help the bunny reach the carrot!
Challenge your puzzle solving and balancing skills through all the 30 physics levels, getting 3 stars in all of them!
Feed My Bunny features the cute graphics art of Claudia Perugini in a child proof environment with a simple interface and intuitive one-tap game controls.

Also, thanks to the Html5 WebGL technology, you can play Feed My Bunny both from your desktop and mobile browser.
Yes, you can even play it from your Android or iOS smartphone directly from the browser without downloading any application!

So, what are you waiting for?

PLAY “Feed My Bunny”, right now!

Feed My Bunny is looking for sponsors!
If your are a publisher looking for some cool Html5 game for your website, don’t hesitate and email me now!
I’m selling both exclusive and non-exclusive licenses, and I’m open to any kind of deal.


Alright, have fun with our new game! 🙂
Thanks for reading!


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