A Day In The Life on Facebook Messenger – from js13kGames to Facebook Instant Games

Wow what can I say?

The Tap Tap Golf porting on the Facebook Instant Games portal has been a small, but still awesome, success.
Hundrends of thousands of people are playing and having fun with TTG, partecipating in leaderboard, leaving feedbacks and making me happy!

So I wanted to give a chance to my A Day In The Life, too.

Well, the game itself is maybe too simple, being designed for the js13kGames competition, definitely not meant for a greater audience and hours of gameplay, but I still wanted to give it a little more visibility 🙂

And here it is: A Day In The Life ported to Facebook Instant Messenger!




It obvioulsy needed some twitches here and there, like a toggle audio button (for mobile compatibility), some onPause handling for Android device and some hotfixes to better handling the touch/click inputs inside the FIG contexts (being the game resized).

But yeah, it also got a cool new feature: world ranking!
You won’t be able to see all the leaderboard entries, but you’ll always know, after each run, which is your global rank position.
You could beat your friends on life today, but can you beat them tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow? 🙂

Well, thanks for reading, and for playing out my games, I still have many many many other projects in my hands so stay tuned!



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